a simple solution to a
complicated situation

Got into an accident? File a claim at the scene of the accident and get paid on the card.
No paperwork, completely online
  • icon-green-plus 5 minutes

    on the online application

  • icon-green-plus 2 hours*

    on assess and calculate damage

  • icon-green-plus 1 minute

    on an insurance payment **

*  The maximum time is up to 5 days

*  If payment is credited to your card
  Freedom Bank, up to 3 days for other cards

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Paid to car owners on
insurance claims

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First digital payments in Kazakhstan

We have simplified the process and made it completely online

How regular
payouts work

    Due date for payment:

  • Up to 100 days

    Required for an accident:

  • Call the police and emergency commissioner
  • Inspect
  • Conduct examination
  • Pass examination
  • Pick up accident report
  • Contact the insurance company
  • Pass damage assessment
  • Wait for court decision
  • Get court order
  • Collect the documents necessary for the insurance payment
  • Wait for payment
  • If you do not agree with the assessment, write the application again and wait for reconsideration

How digital
payouts work

    Due date for payment:

  • icon-green-plus Within a few hours, maximum up to 5 days

    Required in case of an accident:

  • icon-green-plus Apply online
  • icon-green-plus Take a photo of the damaged car
  • icon-green-plus Attach the required documents to the application
Get a digital payout in 6 steps
✓ There must be no
casualties in the accident
✓ The victim and the perpetrator of the accident
are included in the current policies
✓ The victim and the perpetrator of the accident
must be the owners of the car

Go to the site, fill out the questionnaire, enter the details of the damaged car and submit an online insurance claim.

At the scene of the accident, take pictures of the damaged car from different angles.

Open up access to digital documents: ID card, driving licence, vehicle registration document. Photocopy the minutes with the diagram of the accident and the explanations of the parties.

Go through Digital ID video identification to sign the required applications online

We will carry out a damage assessment and calculate the insurance payout. Monitor the status of your claim online. The estimate can be found in the detailed report

Enter your card number and get a digital payout.

How to apply online and receive
digital payment

Online claim
about the insured event

No more paperwork and
office visits. The whole process
completely online


It used to take up to 100 days to receive an insurance
payout, now it takes
several hours (up to a maximum of 5 days)

Digital signing of

All required documents are signed
online using the Digital ID
identification system

Process Tracking

After submitting an application, track the status of the application and information about the submitted documents in your personal account

Insurance payment
to the card

Get paid to the specified bank card