No vehicle inspection

Protect your car
from all risks

From minor scratches to theft

Voluntary insurance Kasko protects your car and is valid regardless of your fault.

Select a suitable rate, link your bank card and take out CNC insurance subscription. You dont need to pay the full amount all at once, pay once a month by subscription, or as usual, once a year..

3 minutes
for online registration
Monthly payment
no hidden fees or surcharges
Flexible tariffs
insurance cover for everything -
from scratches to theft
3 minutes
for online registration
Monthly payment
no hidden fees or surcharges
Flexible tariffs
insurance cover for everything -
from scratches to theft

CNC insurance

CNC auto insurance compensates for the damage caused to your car. Regardless of the presence or absence of your fault.
The policy covers the following risks:


We'll pay the value of the stolen car so you can buy a new one.


We'll cover damages in accidents, natural disasters, broken windows, dents and so on.


If mirrors, windscreen wipers or wheels are stolen, we will pay the cost.


If the vehicle cannot be recovered, we will pay the value of the vehicle.

The benefits of subscription-based CNC insurance schemes

  • Flexible tariffs. Choose the right rate for you. You can insure your car against all risks at once, or only against an accident
  • Comfortable payment. You no longer have to pay the entire cost of the insurance at once. Link your bank card and pay part of the amount each month or the whole amount at once.
  • Insurance payment without calling the traffic police. Get a CNC VIP insurance tariff and simplify insurance payments. In most cases, to receive a payment, it is enough to call the call center (5777 free of charge from a mobile phone). Calling the traffic police is only necessary in certain cases.
  • Additional options for insurance. Depending on the tariff, insurance provides additional services - for example, a tow truck or special equipment services.
  • Fast payouts. Within 5 working days from the date of submission of the last document.
  • Checked service stations. We send the car for repairs only to technical centers that are our partners. This guarantees efficiency and high quality of work.

How is a subscription different
from a standard CNC insurance policy?

Weve redesigned auto insurance to be like a music or movie subscription - affordable, fast, easy and without leaving your home. But the most important thing in the subscription is that the Insurance does not need to constantly renew, it will happen automatically

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Subscription is the same as insurance, only now you don't have to pay the full amount all at once.
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The amount is divided by 12 months and written off on a monthly basis.
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No need to take out insurance every year, just sign up once, renewal is automatic.

Find out the cost of your CNC insurance

Cost calculation


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Car insurance without a trip to the office or agent

No need to leave your home or office, go somewhere and queue. Go to the website and subscribe in a few clicks.

Documents icon
No more paper documents

No need to sign a contract with the insurance company and then keep it in the glove compartment. Well send the policy electronically by post and SMS.

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Easy payment


Just link your bank card and the subscription fee will be automatically deducted every month.

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Need help? Call the 24-hour call center at 5777, ask any question.

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Quick Payments

Get the payment to the card by making the payment online, without visiting the office of the Insurance company.

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Personal Office

Manage your policy in your personal account on the website: change your insurance terms and renew your subscription.

Issue a CNC insurance

And stop worrying about everything



in Kazakhstan's insurance market by asset size

433 778

Policies on mandatory motor insurance by mandatory driver liability insurance concluded in 2022

68 968

policies on voluntary motor insurance concluded in 2022

> 5,1 bln.

paid out on insurance claims for 2022

8 443 116

maximum benefit payable on an insurance claim

17 region

working all over Kazakhstan

Any questions? Give us a call. We'll answer any questions you may have.