No inspection Ежемесячная оплата

Comfortable home insurance

Protect the interior decoration, appliances, furniture and liability to neighbours. Pay for repairs if something unexpected happens
Apply for insurance online
Choose a suitable tariff and take out the insurance online. The policy will be sent to your mailbox and personal account.
Pay as it suits you
Any payment method convenient for you.
Protect the property
From fires, explosions, exposure to liquids, burglaries, robberies, damage to neighbours and natural disasters (floods, inundation, storm, hurricane, tornado, landslide, rockfall, avalanche, mudflow, hail).
No inspection
A property inspection is no longer required, just take out a policy online and have peace of mind.

Peace Insurance

Everything happens for the first time. And even trouble. You can lament over this, or you can relax and let us help. Fast, efficient and humane.

To keep you calm and think only about the most important things, we have packed classic insurance products into an online format. It is easy to arrange it, and it is easy not to worry about it for any reason.

Get Insurance for an apartment today and enjoy life.

What can be protected
Interior decoration
Flooring, wall coverings, ceiling coverings, built-in wardrobes, built-in kitchen furniture, mezzanine, dressing room equipment, decorative partitions, stained glass windows, doors, windows, grilles and so on.
Movable property
Refrigerators, freezers, hoovers, heating appliances, air conditioners, electric cookers, microwave ovens, food processors, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers and ovens, TV sets, TV games consoles, routers, sewing and knitting machines, desktop personal computers, musical instruments.
Responsibility towards neighbours
Damage to the finish of a neighbour's flat.
What can a flat be protected against
Fire and explosion
Exposure to liquid
Burglary and robbery
Liability to neighbours
How the product is set up
Who can take out insurance
Natural persons and legal persons (including IE)
What cannot be protected
Apartments owned by legal persons; in a state of disrepair; in frame and reed houses, wooden houses; not used for their intended purpose (not for housing); in houses built before 1970; to be demolished or converted to non-residential premises; to be alienated due to land seizure; foreclosed on by obligations.
The time deductible for the liquid exposure risk and civil liability (in respect of flooding with water) is 10 calendar days from the date of payment of the insurance contract. Excess for any and every event depending on the selected sum insured limit.
12 months
Area of insurance cover
Address of flat location
Create real comfort in your home
Calculate the cost Calculate the cost